Any shirt at Any time

Most of the shirts I wear are dress shirts and al of my dress shirts are normally dry cleaned before I wear them. There have been many times when I have gone into my closet to wear a specific only to realize the shirt is either dirty or still at the dry cleaners and this ultimately changes my entire look, which never makes me happy.

After receiving an invitation from Dryel to try out their at home dry cleaning system, I knew immediately I would be able to dry clean my dress shirts at home even if I forgot to take one to the cleaners. Now I do still take my clothes to the cleaners, but having an at home dry cleaning system is so convenient because there are times when I forget to drop my shirts off. For those times I do forget all I have to do is spray my shirt withthe booster spray, throw an ULTRAcleaning cloth in the fabric protection bag and then pop it into the dry cleaners and I am done. Well, not exactly. I have to wait about 30 minutes while it tumbles on low heat, but that is minor compared to not having a shirt dry cleaned at all.

When you wear dress clothes often and you want to wear any shirt at any time, dryel is definitely one of the best solutions around for getting that professional dry cleaned look for your clothes.

Have you tried the Dryel at Home Dry Cleaning Kit?