It was a sign, so I bought them

If you follow me in INSTAGRAM you will remember me posting THIS PHOTO a few days ago. 

Well the photo I posted were of black and white cups. I edited the photo because blue just doesn't go along with my InstaGram flow. The cups are cups from a coffee shop in Greenville, SC called Methodical Coffee. As you can tell from the pictures below its a very relaxed coffee shop. 
I came across these, while I was out today.
It was a sign for me to buy them. All 31 pieces. I had just posted them on INSTAGRAM. Finding them was not random, it was a sign. Okay. So maybe not a real sign as I have way to many dishes as it is, but I think I can work them in this summer over brunch. What do you think? Lets not forget they were only 49 cents each!