Father's Day Gift: Baxter of California

I am so excited that men are starting to put more attention on grooming themselves. Since father's day is right around the corner I have spent some time working with Baxter of California and their Duo Shave Kit is simply amazing. Beards are the new trend among stylish men and luxurious shaving creams and products are a must!

When I choose any type of grooming products I always buy them based on how they look. I am a creative so I want to make sure the product is aesthetically pleasing first and the bonus is that it does what it is supposed to do.

The Duo Shaving Kit is really a good thing for guys because if they are like me, I often forget about the after shave tonic.

Another good thing right now is that Baxter of Cali is offering 20% off your order by simply using the CODE:FATHERSDAY20 and you cant get FREE SHIPPING!

Are there any #BaxterDads out there?

So one of the main questions is this, have you already picked up the Father's Day gift?