Weekend Finds

I am still working on completing my dining room by the end of the month and I have made great progress. It is taking longer than expected because I keep starting and stopping for various reasons, however, I think I have the right formula and the right pieces, well doable pieces and will be close to the finish line.

As most of you know I host intimate dinner parties monthly. If you are interested in being part of a dinner you can visit www.RashonsDinnerSeries.com and fill out the information. These dinners are filled with a lot of curated pieces so I shop often for different items to set up my tables.

I initially went out I went in search of something specific and actually thought I wouldn't find anything at this particular thrift store, but normally when that thought pops into my head, I know that is a sure sign to go.

When I waled into the thrift store I saw these. I started walking faster because I wasn't sure if anyone else had seen them or not and I didn't want to take the risk of someone scooting around the corner of of nowhere and getting googly eyed.
At first, I simply put them in my cart, just to have them, because the 2nd rule of thrifting is that if you see it and you think you want it, you best put it in your cart and decide later. 

I was still unsure if I wanted to keep them or not, but as I walked around the store I realized they would be perfect for one of my DINNER EVENTS. Although I have a lot of glassware, these pieces will really add something special to the table.

If you are following me on INSTAGRAM you will know I have a lot of vintage amber glassware. These aren't vintage but they are a smokey gray which certainly fits well with the current decor of my home. 

Its not a complete set, its 11 and 12 and 4 count for each of the pieces, but I will take what I can get.