Motivational Monday: CONNECTED, but no CONNECTION

I was speaking with a colleague this past week regarding an opportunity to receive high visibility for his growing business in a walk heavy and centralized location at a cost of $1500.  While there were a number of "positives", there were a few negatives that needed to be evaluated.

One of the uncertainties of this business move, was not making the $1500 investment back because the environment may be have heavy traffic, but there is no guarantee people would stop. People are funny like that. Honestly, all investments are a gamble. NOT making an investment is yet another gamble, but if you can stand to lose what you invest, then of course...invest.

The second major drawback was that his full time job, may be in slight jeopardy and with that unknown it may be best to implement some restraint and invest...wisely.

My colleague is very talented, he just recently had a very successful event, launched a publication and has several marketing clients. He is not with several sources of income, but who really wants to drop $1500 at one time?

Honestly, I encouraged him not to. I had several reasons, but my top reason was, "Why put money into another entrepreneurs pocket, when they wont even drop a dime on your ventures?"

Yea. I said it.

Of all his many accomplishments, the person requesting the $1500 never once reached out in support, never bought a ticket to an event, not as much as a "Congratulations" on a successful launch.    

So Im telling each of you,

 "Never invest your energy into someone that is connected to you, but not willing to connect with you."

If the only time another business is friendly is when he or she has something going on and want you to spend your money with them, then that is not a connection you need. If they see everything you do, but wont send any support your way, keep moving. Trust me when I tell you your investment will not yield a profitable return. 


after he was sent two follow up emails, he finally responded and said "Due to a few work related issues, I wont be able to participate".

It has been three weeks since that email was sent and not a reply has been made. 

When you don't give an opportunist what they want, they will exit stage left...immediately.