Saturday Spaces: Small and Luxurious

"I would rather live in a custom jewel box than a badly designed mansion."
When I read those words by designer Amir Khamneipur, I knew I would instantly connect with his overall design philosophy. I am drawn to perfectly curated spaces where everything is in place. I believe a house can be well lived in and be void of clutter. I also think the phrase "It looks like a hotel" is a major compliment. Let's take a look at his small Manhattan apartment and gleam from his bespoke design mantra. 

How small is this space? Its only 700 square feet! The high ceilings give it such a feeling of granduer and the bright colors really open up the space. Although the colors are a bit brighter than what I could live with, I love his execution of bespoke details. Its always great to find designers that put an emphasis on achieving perfection in design.