AMAZING 500 Sq Ft Apartment!

While I was browsing the real estate listings in Atlanta in between submitting my resume for Event Coordinator positions, I was distracted by this AMAZING listing. I mean the intro photo alone 
caught my eye and then I realized I had to take another look! Boy I am so glad I did because I get to share them with you! I am assuming real estate is at a premium in major cities now so many people are opting for less square footage to be at the center of it all. 
So when I saw this 500 st ft condo on the Atlanta MLS, I was beginning to think that someone really had to have a keen eye for design to make this space seem so posh and livable. 
If you are single like me, 500 sq ft is actually plenty of room of you don't entertain a lot. I mean there is ample room for clothing, watching tv and even a potential work space. 
While these colors would not work for me, I cant help but to think a professional woman who needed to be close to everything in Atlanta and on a tight budget could really make this work. From this angle I would either add a desk in front of the bed with a ghost chair OR I would add a slim mirrored closet and place a desk where the large white cabinet is. That would make it a bit more efficient. 
So if you have to size down, it is clear from this listing you don't have to sacrifice style for square footage.