[living room changes]

when i first posted my living room, i was somewhat uneasy about a few things. some elements came together rather quickly, which meant there was little to no planning. this type of serendipity is often appreciated. however, if you are like me, you plan and then execute. there is little room for deviation.

every year i try to celebrate my birthday (june 7th) in a big fashion. last year i spent a lot of money to impress folk who didn't matter, didn't show up or who i don't even communicate with today (some...not all). so this year i will still do it big, but on a smaller scale. this year the party will be at my spot. so in preparation for that, i am modifying every room in the condo.

let's start our journey with the living room.
as you can tell, the sofa has moved from in front of the gallery wall to in front of the patio doors. i was very very skeptical about placing it here because there needs to be access to the patio as there lies my storage area. however, using the folding tables as end tables makes access easy. you will also notice the black and silver pillow from the bedroom has been brought to the living room and is pair has joined. i really wish i had bought more of these from target years ago. i do remember seeing a pendant shade with them same design on it, quite recently, so these pillows may return to target or zgallerie soon.
the coffee table is still not complete, but i really admire the links that are referenced on the pillows as they are displayed in the coffee table.
the base of the lamps will be updated with a can of metallic gold spray paint. contemplating whether to do the same with the brass on the tray table, but i am leaning more toward leaving it as it is. i am thinking of doing a really really high gloss black on the lamps. they look good as they are, but black is calling me. i'm thinking it is going to take several coats in order to achieve the onyx color i may be after. 
the entire gallery wall is being overhauled. only one element has remain and the other pieces will find homes throughout the condo or they will be relegated to storage. here you can see that i have taken the striped fabric in frames that were hung horizontally and have turn them vertically while also adding another one. i redid this small area simply because i had an identical additional frame in storage and had some left over fabric. it was all about maximizing what i had before bringing more crap into my apartment.
(that fuzz spot to the lower right is mr. b. he always finds a way to get in the better shot out of all the really bad ones)
if it isn't apparent by now, you can tell the sofa no longer faces the fireplace. rather it is perpendicular to the fireplace. one of the awful things about this apartment is that nothing...absolutely nothing is centered, in the least bit. the previous living room layout was dictated by the fireplace. this time around, i'm saying screw the fireplace. this oddly placed love child can come out to play if it wants to. the rest of us will do our own thing until then.
i really like the bench here in front of the fireplace. winter is almost over and it will no longer be needed for the spring and summer months so moving the bench here added additional seating. in the previous location you can see the bench was on a wall all to itself. here it brings anyone sitting on it, to be part of the conversation. i would like to get candle sticks for the fireplace. i have an inspiration picture for a set of candle holders, but i bet you they are to the trade or some custom hoop la. (one day...one day).

until i actually show the entire space, you may not get the full perspective, but just know that the space is more open (momma goodwill said so) and it flows sooo much better. i will admit the way i am progressing forgoes a lot of color, but its calming. thats what i like.

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Mr. Goodwill Hunting