Dark and Moody

As I am wrapping up the last bit of project for my living room reveal, I took some time, wasted my day,  I was browsing my PINTEREST PAGE to get some additional inspiration and the above photos truly represent most of my style.

It is not often you get to see guy spaces in blog land, design magazines or perhaps on a lot of Facebook pages. I get it, mostly women are concern with design, but truth be told there are a lot of guys who have great spaces. My best friend always says, "Yea. You like all that masculine stuff." Funny.

I feel most comfortable in dark spaces. I do. I will tire of bright colors and pops of this and pops of that very quickly.

So far in my living room, I have added a pinstripe fabric wall, all of my lamps are in place, coffee table, rug (although I wish I had another one) sofa (makeover, geeked to show you all) and a few pieces of art. Because I am not rich or even the slightest bit wealthy, I had to do everything in a very very tight budget. I am glad to say that it looks great. At least I think so anyway.

I like dark spaces, I could live in a black box almost. What about you, do you like dark spaces? Yes? No? What's your style?