Dining Room Progress

Last week, I visited one of my favorite fabric stores and saw this fabric. It is beautiful in person. So I had them place it on hold and when the 20% off coupon hit, I went for it. The fabric was $50, then it was marked down to $15, then down to under $5 and then finally a little bit above $3.80. Yes. I bought all ten yards. lol.

I have dining chairs that I am going to redo, but no dining table as of yet. Im not too worried about a table at this moment, I know I can get that pretty easily.

In the mean time I have been thinking about

THIS TRAY, THIS PIECE and THIS ONE to add to the living room.

I have been eyeing THIS BABY for almost a year and I just can't seem to find the dollars to buy it.

I did not know SHE MADE ONE of these, but its funny, because I saw one very similar that I am buying.

I need TWO OF THESE. I wonder if I could...

 It is coming together for sure. I dont think everything will be ready by my birthday for a quick little party, but it may.