What was I thinking...

Happy Tuesday Everyone. I am working on a way to bring some video components to the blog in 2016. Nothing major, just maybe a few periscopes and then adding them to youtube.


I volunteered to host Christmas dinner this year. The disclaimer is that my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but we do take the time to gather and eat a very big meal. My brother lives in Florida and my sister has 3 children and sometimes we all aren't together at the same time, so its great to use the holidays as a time to eat and relax. 

So back to my eagerness to volunteer to host the Christmas dinner. The biggest problem is that my apartment isn't really ready. Which honestly isn't a big deal for my family, but I at least wanted to have some holiday cheer scattered here and there. In my attempt to do so, I have been getting inspiration from old magazines and occasionally InstaGram. Although much of the gram is full of the same type of styles. So late last night while working I decided to click over to the Pottery Barn website and the first image for the holiday collection took me by surprise. 

This BEDDING is in one of my favorite patterns and I cant believe I didn't see it before now. Doesn't this Buffalo Check bedding just exude masculine holiday? You can click here or the photos if you are interested in getting some additional details about it or if you want to add it to your collection. 
Since I was browsing the Pottery Barn website, I decided to just go ahead and share with you all my favorite things from the collection. 

You can click each photo or each description to see if anything suits your fancy. I know I see a lot of stuff I can use for my home this year. 
I am so impressed with the styling of the items at Pottery Barn this year. These styles are a bit to "homey" for my apartment, but there are a lot of tips I can extract from these set ups. 
If you want to see more of the item, simply click on it. HERE IS A LINK to their catalog. 

I have been posting quite a few things over on my FACEBOOK page. One of the last things I talked about was my search for a sofa. The truth is I have found 3 sofas Id like to get for my space, but the thought of spending nearly $1,000 (or close it) for a piece of furniture of an apartment really bothers me. It does. I am not cheap, I am just practical. However, the sofa I was this close to buying was on sale on one site and cheaper than the other sites, but I have $100 in store credits at another online store, but they decided not to post the moderately priced items during their cyber Monday sale. Which is interesting because the sofa was available Sunday night. The issue is that if I am going to semi host a holiday event in my apartment, I need another sofa and the store that has the sofa at the least expensive price only has 1 left from they 15 they had earlier this week and this is without the Cyber Monday discount. 


Stay tuned as I attempt to pull this off!